The Smoker’s Lounge at the Sporthotel Vetzan

Celebrate your passion!

With our Smoker’s Lounge we have created a cosy realm for passionate cigar smokers, pipe smokers and smokers of cigarillos and cigarettes. Here they can puff away in comfort, celebrate their passion and talk shop with like-minded people over a good glass of whisky.

The furnishing in our Smoker’s Lounge is very comfortable and invites you to while away the hours. Treat yourself to a fine drop of wine from our wine cellar, a full-flavoured espresso or a first-class rum and read your daily newspaper in total peace. A game of chess or rummy is just as entertaining here in our lounge as a cosy chat among friends.

The range of cigars and whisky on offer is very varied and every cigar fan is sure to find a cigar variety in our lounge that particularly appeals to them. Come in, unpack your smoking utensils and feel at home, our lounge is an area that is totally dedicated to smokers.

Sporthotel Vetzan


Summer hiking weeks
from 805,00 €
per person / 7 nights
Summer hiking weeks
05.06.2021 – 30.09.2021

A summer in Val Venosta/Vinschgau is unique, the bright blue sky, summery warm and yet pleasant temperatures and…

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